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QBonecas Magazine Interview Adriana Nicolodi

Born in Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil, Adriana is a reborn artist living in Maia, Porto – Portugal. In the middle of year 2000 she was introduced to this art, but only in 2013 she decided to become a reborn artist.

Doing what we love is halfway to success! Adriana Nicolodi didn’t give up in order to realize her dream. It started as a hobby and soon became a successful and pleasurable job.

Adriana has received not only recognition from the reborn market but also from life like dolls admirers and collectors Worldwide.

QBonecas Magazine had a chat with this talented reborn artist.

QBonecas Magazine: We would like to know a little bit more about Who is Adriana Nicolodi. When and how did you find out about the reborn art? And What sparked your interest in becoming a “stork”?

Adriana Nicolodi: Welll,I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and today, because of my double citizenship (Italian) I live in Portugal, Europe. My first contact with the reborn art was in the middle of year 2000 in Brazil when I was delighted watching them in a TV show. I remember I was fascinated and couldn’t blink while watching the explanation. I still remember as it was yesterday.

The most curious thing is that, different from what a lot of people think, I didn’t think about buying a reborn baby doll for myself. I had the belief I would like to learn how to make those dolls. It was so fantastic that I had this feeling following me for many years. I searched for courses and costs, but at that time there were almost no courses in Brazil but only in Europe and USA.

Time passed by, but this desire was always following me. Then, in year 2013, I decided to search again for courses. I was so happy when I found a course in my city, thought by a wonderful artist, who taught me the first steps.

I had no idea I would one day make babies to sell. I only wanted to learn how to make those preciosities. Selling started naturally, without me triggering it, as people got to know about my work and started ordering. So, what started as a hobby and a dream coming true, now became my job. I really love what I do and I am thankful for being able to realize my dream and from many others who wish to have a reborn baby.

QBM: What kind of baby doll you enjoy doing the most?

A.N.: I believe every doll has its own charm, but of course that we, reborn artists, identify ourselves with an specific style. Particularly I love those small babies (from 16″ to 18″), with closed eyes, with a “just born” baby face. These are my favorites.

QBM: What is the biggest challenge you encountered in creating reborn dolls?

A.N.: For me the biggest challenge is not to get used to what you do but to always recycle yourself and keep learning. Today, here in Europe, I have access to new materials and techniques I didn’t have before. But this requires daily study and constant investments. For me this is the biggest challenge. Keeping myself always updated and, mainly, being open to learn on a daily basis.

QBM: When do you feel fulfilled with your work?

A.N.: The reborn art “fulfills” me completely. But I consider there are two special moments for me: when the baby is ready, when I can see its expressions, every details I’ve created with love and when I see how the new “moms” are happy with their new babies. Actually I fell really blessed for being able to, somehow, contribute to this special moment.

QBM: How long it takes for you to create a reborn doll as big as a newborn baby? What is the part of the creation process that you enjoy the most?

A.N.: I take about 3 to 4 weeks to create a reborn doll with rooted hair. About which creation part I like the most, it would be the final painting, the details.

QBM: Where people can buy your dolls? Do you accept customized orders? What is the average price of your dolls? Do you offer any payment plan? Do you do international delivery? And What are the payments forms you offer for your international clients?

A.N.: They can order directly with me, via website, Facebook or e-mail. Nowadays I am selling custom order babies. Sometimes I have a prompt delivery doll, but because of the actual number of orders – which are a lot – I don’t have time to make babies for immediate sale. However, when I have some available, I always post in my website.

About prices, it depends on the doll kit, characteristics, confection time and size. Therefore, I always suggest possible buyers to send an e-mail asking about price and deadline. In general prices goes between 270 and 800 Euro (for Europe) and 2.000 and 6.000 Real (for Brazil).It can be paid in 2 rates, 50% with the order and 50% in the end. Clients who live outside the European Union can pay via PayPal, also in 2 rates.

I will take this opportunity here to emphasize to the international customers, that ordering a doll from another country can add in customs taxes, so it’s important to check the customs regulations in your country.

QBM: What kind of audience look for you to order reborn dolls?

A.N.: They are really diverse, from different parts of the world. I have clients from Brazil, Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium. Most of them are adults, with grown up kids, and collectors. And, although reborn dolls are not toys, some parents buy them to offer theirs daughters on some special occasion.

QBM: Your followers know that you are always present on the social net-works interacting with your fans. You have a YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook. What types of requests  and frequently asked questions related to reborn art that you receive?

A.N.: The idea about a YouTube channel came because of the huge number of similar questions I receive daily. This was the way I found to help people to know a little bit more about the reborn world and to help clarifying their questions. About the most asked questions, I emphasize the ones about how to take care of the reborn baby, prices and differences between vinyl and silicone dolls.

QBM: What was the most special moment that you lived on the reborn art?

A.N.: This is a really difficult question, as I had many special moments and it’s difficult to choose only one. When I deliver a doll it is always very special, but I will tell you about an extremely special occasion that happened in 2014.

Since I was a kid during Christmas my family used to donated food in nursing homes. I grew up with this culture and I kept doing this Christmas visits.

In December 2014 I went to a nursing home in a small city in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where one of the residents, an older lady (more than 80 years old) was quiet and alone with an old and patched plastic doll on her lap. I asked a nurse why this woman wasn’t sitting together with the other residents and I learned she hasn’t had a visitor since more than a decade. Her family was that doll, called Maria. It was visible she had some kind of psychiatric disorder, but her love to that doll touched me so much, I came back next day and gave her a reborn doll I’ve made to sell during Christmas. She didn’t understand what was happening, as she asked me if she could “touch” the baby. Then, she slowly carried the doll and opened a huge smile. So huge it touched other people who were around, making them tear up. This was certainly a really touching moment in my life.

QBM: Can you give more information about the Reborn Lessons that you offer on your website for those who have interest?

A.N.: Sure! The Reborn Lessons I minister is individual (face-to-face) and target exclusively beginners. In this lesson I teach real painting techniques, how to use the materials, where to find original materials, providers and oven usage. The course last 5 to 7 days where the student makes her own doll.

QBM: You commented that you are planning the release of DVDs teaching the step by step of how to paint a caucasian skin tones in reborn dolls. Please tell us a little bit about how this project will be and when we can expect it.

A.N.: Yes, this is a project I have, which was pushed by my initial path. I didn’t have access to information. I was curious, wanted to learn more, but had no access. Even nowadays, where many options are available, not everyone can go to another city or country to join good courses. Then I had the idea to create a complete DVD course for beginners, to give those people who don’t have time or possibility of traveling  a chance to learn. My project focus on a DVD with step-by-step lessons, everything explained, with close ups, which will help this public. I plan to release it this year.

QBM: Did you ever go to a doll show? How was your experience?

A.N.: Last year I was in Madrid where I went to two shows. For me, it was a wonderful experience, because I was not only able to see the amazing work from great artists but I also had the chance to be in contact with known artists, what I consider an inspiration.

QBM: Many artists are always seeking inspiration. This inspiration comes from favorite artists, real babies or intuition. From where comes your inspiration?

A.N.: I think this is a set. I cannot split. There are two artists (one from Spain and one from Russia) who inspire me a lot. I consider their work an unlimited source of inspiration. Of course the intuition is fundamental, even if it’s a custom doll, where the client tells me how he wants it. I can’t forget about my intuition, there is no way to split it. And real babies are essential, as the proximity to the reality are pushed by real babies. Always when I can, I learn about skin tones and real babies’s details.

QBM: Besides working with art, what do you do on your free time or for fun?

A.N.: There are so many things, but what I enjoy the most to do in my spare time is to take care of my cats (I have 3 cats, 2 Bengals and one old Persian), I like to play chess, video game and, of course, travel when I am on vacation.

QBM: The expansion of reborn art brought a downside with it. Nowadays, we have seen some companies around the world that are reproducing many reborn doll kits without the sculptor’s permission and selling in batches or even individually with values below the market.  Unfortunately, this improper market attracts many people that are looking for cheap materials without knowing its origin. QBonecas Magazine is sad with the way the reborn art is going worldwide. Since our first issue, we try to warn everyone about improper practice related to non-original reborn kits. We encourage and support the use of original kits. What are your thoughts on that? Do you have any good advice for the dolls community?

A.N.: This is a really important subject which terrifies the reborn art nowadays. As an artist I think It is unacceptable that people make use of these fake kits, instead of doing a “good deal” the buyer may be putting their health, and from their families, at risk. The material used to produce irregular kits don’t have chemical control and they might be toxic. I believe there should be more information about these kits, about its risks and also an inspection on the “artists” that sell this type of product. It is really sad to see people trying to save some money by buying these products. It is also unacceptable to see people who call themselves “artists” feeding this market by using false kits and fooling clients.

I am completely against it and I get really sad with this situation, as it is disrespectful with the sculptors, with serious artists and with clients, who are often tricked. My advice for whom is planning to buy a reborn doll: do a research about the artists, check websites, look for the dolls she has already done and always mistrust cheap prices, as this is a strong clue about of the suspicious origin of the kit.

QBM: Have you been in any competition with one of your creations?

A.N.: I took part in a competition in Canada to choose prototypes to some doll kits with two babies I created. And I was happy to be the winner with both babies. It was amazing, as it was a great satisfaction to have my babies as prototypes to those kits. I fell really blessed and fulfilled for working with something that I love.

I take the chance to thank QBonecas Magazine for this chat and, for somehow, help readers with some experience or inspiration.

Adriana Nicolodi, it was a pleasure having you in our magazine. We wish you well and a lot of success! May you continue to enchant everyone with your wonderful art!